Why Choose Online Notary Institute?

Why Choose Online Notary Institute?

At Online Notary Institute, our courses are designed to give you the flexibility you need with your busy schedule.  You can study wherever you want, whenever you want, and finish at your own speed.

Developed by professional online instructors, our self-paced courses are interactive and media-rich.  Each lesson features graphics, animation, and voice narration which keeps you engaged and involved.

The material covered, along with a quiz after each chapter will prepare you completely, for becoming a notary public.  In each quiz, you will find out whether your answer was right or wrong, immediately after you answer each question.  If you do not pass the quiz with a 70% or better, you have the option to start the lesson over and retake the quiz.

Because our course is designed to allow you to work at your own pace and on your own time, you’ll remember more.  So when it comes time to take the state-administered notary exam, you’re more confident of your success.

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